Thursday, October 24, 2013

SP #3: Unit I Concept 1: Graphing exponential functions and identifying x-intercept, y-intercept, asymptotes, domain, range (4 points on graph minimum

To solve you must find the variable in the equation which are a, b ,h, and k. For the key points our third point is always H. The asymptote is y=k  For our x intercept we set y=0 and solve from there, since our product results in a negative we cant natural log so therefore we have no x intercept. To obtain our y intercept we set all our x values to 0 and solve. Our domain is always all real numbers. Since our graph is above our range is our asymptote which is 2 to infinity. (2,infinity)  

The problem is about finding  everything stated in this chart. Finding our separate variables, keypoints asymptotes, x intercept, y intercept, domain, range, and our graph.

The viewer should play close attention to the different types of variables and how they act.
The A is used to determine if the graph is above or below based on the signs. The H is used to determine the third point on the key points. Our K is used to represent our asymptote.

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