Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reflection:#1: Unit Q verifying trig functions

1.What does it actually mean to verify a trig identity?
To verify a trig identity is to start off with what you're given and turn it around and adjust the given values to make it equal to what the trig identity is giving us. With verifying we can use our reciprocal trig values or sub in with identities. We're open to numerous different ways to verify the different identities.

2.What tips and tricks have you found helpful?
Tips and tricks I've used are basically try every single way possible and test things that you've never done before. Other tips include just knowing your identities and what values they are and make sure to not mistake for subtraction signs and addition signs.

3.Explain your thought process and steps you take in verifying a trig identity.  Do not use a specific example, but speak in general terms of what you would do no matter what they give you.
My thought process just include depending on the concept. For concept 4 I wonder if I'm able to factor out anything such as a trig function or if I'm able to use the zero product property. I also look for any functions I can convert and see if it cancels with anything or it can add too my current problem. I also check if I should square both sides and check for extraneous solutions. For problems like concept 5 I include the same thought process, except i put the right side as a no no touch boundary and only convert the left side if possible.

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