Monday, September 16, 2013

SP#2: Unit E Concept 7: Graphing polynomials, including x-int y-int, zeros (with multiplicities), end behavior. All polynomials will be factorable.

The work shown on the right are the steps to solve. First you must take the multiplicities and convert them into factors. 4 becomes x-4 repeating once. With that, we multiply two separate equations times each other to get our equation. The factors are also the x intercepts. To get the y-intercept we plug zero into all the x values and get what's leftover. In this case 32 is our y intercept. Our factored equations are our factors of the multiplicities.

This problem is about finding the equation, factored equation, end behavior, x intercepts and the y intercept. This problem is also based on knowing how to factor correctly and graphing the equation.We must also know the leading coefficient and degree in the equation.

Things to take note of are the leading coefficient and degree in the main equation.  Another thing to be wary of how the end behavior works. One key thing to pay close attention too is that the factor of the multiplicity is correct.

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